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Hate getting stuck with a bag of unloved beans? That will never happen here, as we offer sample sizes of all roasts. Try our whole bean samples to see which you'll like best.

Martin Tapias's
This vibrant and balanced cup with lingering notes of cantaloupe, clementine, and red grapes comes from the Campo Alegre farm, located in the Antioquia region of Colombia, the birthplace of the country's coffee industry.
2oz - $1
Pablo Bonilla's
This complex blend of juicy clementines, tart cranberries, and ripe pomegranate hails from Don Mayo micro mill, among the oldest in Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, owned by Hector Bonilla and family.
2oz - $3
Gabriel Cadavid's
Complex and lingering flavors of cantaloupe, nectarine and citrus emanate and get magnified as this coffee cools. It hails from Finca El Pilar in the Antioquia region of Colombia.
2oz - $2.5
Edinson Villa Loayza's
Heirloom variety Gesha with Caturra processed in the traditional wet (washed) fermentation method. The cup is notably bright with notes of citrus, red apples, and grapes.
2oz - $2.5
Eivy Monroy's
These Geisha beans had undergone a mix of both aerobic and anaerobic processes to achieve their superb taste. They were first stored in anaerobic condition (no oxygen) for 126 hours, then fermented in the open air for 52 hours.
2oz - $4
Edinson Villa Loayza's
This is a naturally processed coffee, whereby the cherries are allowed to dry and ferment in their "natural" state. The result is a geyser of lush tropical flavors: mango, passionfruit and papaya.
2oz - $2
Edinson Villa Loayza's
Monobamba is a mountainous region where the Amazon jungle meets the Andes. Its altitude and climate are ideal for cultivating great coffee. This coffee is clean, bright, vibrant, and complex, with notes of tangerine, concord grapes and currants.
2oz - $2
Antonio Barrantes Zuniga's
This solid, well balanced cup with lingering notes of citrus, red apple, and pear comes from Cafetalera Herbazu, one of the three narrow geographical areas that in recent years have produced the best lots of high-quality Costa Rica coffee.
2oz - $3
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